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Air rifle tank regulator

Air rifle tank regulator

You will get a bunch or regulated shots per fill, and you can upgrade the 13 cubic inch tank and regulator by ordering a 22 cubic inch regulated psi tank for even more shots per fill later.

air rifle tank regulator

We have in-depth knowledge on this air rifle! Feel free to call us prior to ordering and we will answer your questions. For extended shooting sessions, a simple pressure release key included allows the compact regulated tank to be unscrewed when pressure is low.

It can be replaced with another, fully charged PCP tank for extended shooting periods, without the need to carry bulky HPA tanks or a hand pump. Its fully moderated design means the Gauntlet is incredibly quiet. Both stealthy backyard plinkers and serious hunters benefit from its ability to provide rapid, near-silent, full-power follow-up shots. The built-in regulator delivers minimal FPS variation from shot-to-shot for long, flat shot strings this translates directly into outstanding accuracy for hunting, Field Target competition and just-for-fun plinking.

This multi-shot repeater with an adjustable trigger uses easily loaded interchangeable shot magazines for rapid bolt-action firing.

Scuba tanks & air reservoirs

One mag is supplied with the Gauntlet and additional magazines are available as accessories. Ninja also makes a longer tank that is the same diameter that holds 22 cubic inches of air. We can offer you both tanks. We can also have the reg pressure per set to what ever you want. The longer 22cu tank will give you much more shots.

Please give us a call for more information or to order by phone. We do not have the larger tank up for sale on the website yet.

Portable PCP Tanks

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Some drone video shot during our last PCP airgun squirrel hunting trip. The squirrels go down in the afternoon, during the break I decided to.We are on Vacation between All emails and orders will be processed the following week. The most versatile regulator in the airgun world suitable for dozens of different models of air guns. Proven ten years of extreme precision and reliability.

Laser-labeled regulator scale. The patented concept which works even at less than 16J. CZ precision barrel ensuring maximum accuracy. Precision regulator and quick-fill of our construction.

Bullpup and BlowBack for a real feeling when shooting. The first commercial booster for air gunners in the world. Minimum maintenance and maximum compressor life. Full independence from your local filling stations. Compressor developed and manufactured in the heart of Europe. For this reason, we have developed our first original regulators and continue to develop and expand our product range.

To make life easier for PCP rifle shooters, we have developed a high-pressure compressor booster unit for personal filling of pressure bottles at home, outperforming the competition with its high reliability, ease of maintenance and fair price.

More than 15 years of experience in accurate shooting, customization of PCP rifles and the development of their individual accessories, we have used in recent years to develop and manufacture our own unique PCP rifles in the form of semi-automatic Assassin rifle and PCP rifle M The Altaros M24 rifle excels in a unique appearance identical to its real model and excels in extremely good consistency of muzzle velocity as well.

This rifle, together with our developed and produced bullets, forms a shooting system that achieves high accuracy at extreme distances of hundreds of meters, which is currently the most accurate airgun system in. We are continually developing new products to fulfill the wide needs of our satisfied customers around the world who expect our high-quality standard in all aspects. New version of SA Assassin in tactical black colour for those who loves modern military design.

The only change is in appearance, great shooting performance is still the same You can feel the difference in the perfect consistency of the bullets speed, thanks to the installed ALTAROS regulator you will achieve high accuracy The Altaros M24 airgun is based on the legendary M24 sniper rifle. This airgun system is the most accurate for long-range shooting in the world. This airgun is capable of shooting with precision of 1 MOA up to yards and hitting the target at yards.

Home Vacation We are on Vacation between World records! What is regulator Here you will find everything you need to know about the pressure regulator for PCP airgun Technical support Many detailed installation videos and our technical support will ensure a simple installation Detail Quick view.What is the difference between a regulated PCP and an unregged one? Precharged pneumatic PCP air rifles are powered by compressed air contained in either an integral air cylinder or buddy-bottle.

Because of this, many airgunmakers incorporate an air regulator into their guns. Comparison of typical power outputs from a regulated and non-regulated precharged pneumatic air rifle. So, which to choose? Nevertheless, characteristics of unregged and regged systems are an important consideration when choosing a PCP for your specific shooting needs.

The longer the sweet spot, the better. Ideally, that is where you want to be doing most of your shooting and where you should zero your scope. Therefore, with any unregulated PCP, it pays to familiarise yourself with the characteristics of its power curve so that you can compensate for POI shift if required. Effectively, a regulateded PCP offers a sweet spot that extends from the first to the last shots of the usable shot range.

In some cases, because a regulator deals with air delivery more efficiently, the rifle also returns more shots between fill-ups. Generally, a regulator system incorporates a secondary air chamber the plenum chamber which is designed to operate at a constant pressure.

Many gunmakers now incorporate an additional gauge on their regged PCPs to specifically indicate the regulator status, like on the Brocock Commander PCP.

However, regulated PCPs cost more than their unregged counterparts, so you have to weigh up their worth in your particular scenario. That may have been the case when airgunsmiths were experimenting with them many decades ago. But just like knock-open systems have evolved, the PCP regulator has also graduated. Specialist regulator manufacturers have risen to the forefront of the airgun industry, with many gunmakers incorporating their proven designs in their regulated PCP. Latest News.

Comparison of typical power outputs from a regulated and non-regulated precharged pneumatic air rifle So, which to choose? Latest News The all new Huntsman Revere. The Daystate Huntsman is already recognised as a modern classic. The addition of a slick sidelever action and new magazine system with the Revere model brings it bang up to date - I can't wait to try it in the field. Read More.In his previous articleBob reviewed the challenges in producing nearly consistent muzzle velocity from unregulated PCP air rifles.

Of course the PCP regulator seems to offer a solution.

air rifle tank regulator

Trying to produce a constant velocity in a PCP while faced with varying air pressure seems counter-intuitive. Why not use a PCP regulator to produce a constant pressure at the valve, regardless of the reservoir pressure? First of all, since the power of a PCP is proportional to the pressure, reducing that pressure will obviously reduce the FPE potential.

Also, since bottles rated for higher pressures eg. Here is an example of some PCPs I built that use psi bottles and regulators:.

Umarex Gauntlet Regulated Air Rifle

The obvious example of a gun better left unregulated is a Big Bore PCP, intended to take larger game. All you need is a couple of powerful shots, which is easily achieved unregulated. However, if you wants lots of shots with a low Extreme Spread, a regulated PCP could be just the ticket. The problem is that no PCP regulator can operate fast enough to top up the pressure inside the valve during the milliseconds it is open.

Only the volume of air downstream of the regulator, between it and the valve seat, which is usually called the plenum, is available for the shot. If that plenum volume is too small for the FPE you want to create, the pressure drop inside the plenum during the shot is too great.

This means that the power and efficiency is reduced. Plenums are achieved with a tubular spacer between the regulator and valve, or designed into the gun. A stock. But if we install the regulator right against the valve, there is almost no plenum volume available, maybe just the volume in the valve itself! This type of installation — if you expect to stay close to the original 45 FPE — is bound to disappoint. With just the valve volume only maybe 6 ccyou might end up with only 30 FPE, unless you drastically increase the regulator output pressure called the setpoint.

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You will note from the chart that a plenum volume of about 1 cc per FPE ie 45 cc, at the red diamond will deliver nearly the same FPE as you had originally. When you are installing or adjusting a regulator, you need to decide what setpoint pressure to specify or adjust it to. You can estimate that by looking at the shot string you had in the unregulated version.

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Consider this chart from the previous article:. You look at the downslope low pressure side of the appropriate bell curve.

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From the chart above, you will notice that fps occurs on the teal curve when the pressure is just below psi.A regulator is a small high pressure device that regulates the air pressure in your PCP air rifle. The regulator reduces the primary high pressure to a lower, constant, pre-set pressure needed to get the pellet speed you desire.

This means you will have the same constant pellet speed and POI shot after shot after shot. Of course the regulator can be set higher or lower when you prefer a higher pellet speed.

A PCP air rifle has a high pressure air reservoir. This airflow speeds up the pellet. In an unregulated airgun you normally start with a pressure of about bar. But after every shot this pressure will decrease. You can imagine when the hammer slams the valve and there is bar of primary pressure on the valve, it will only open a tiny bit and giving the pellet a certain speed.

After a few shots the primary pressure is reduced and there is far less pressure pushing against the valve; but the hammer still slams with the same force, so the valve will open more, giving your pellet a higher speed. Then after a certain number of more shots, pressure drops even further and your POI will go down again. The second section is just a tiny pressure chamber plenum that contains a certain quantity of air with a pre-set pressure that is needed for the pellet speed you desire.

PCP Regulator: How does it Work?

The regulator will keep this pressure constant every shot until the primary pressure is equal or lower to the set pressure of the regulator. This will result in a very constant pellet speed and also a steady POI of your pellet. Your rifle is set up to work in a relatively large pressure range. After fitting a regulator you can optimize your rifle for the lower, constant, working pressure.

This means that you probably do not need as much hammer spring tension as before. This can also reduce air consumption. Sometimes the hammer weight can be reduced too, this will give less movement inside the rifle. This will optimize the shooting behavior of your rifle. You should consult a qualified gunsmith if you are not familiar with installing regulators or working with high pressure air.

Why would you need a regulator for your airgun? More benefits of using a regulator in your PCP. This atricle was reposted with permission from Huma-Air.Everything went smooth as silk. I went looking for Every Airsoft shooter knows that it's a good idea to have PCP tanks on-hand.

Shooting is so much more fun when you don't have to stop everything to go get CO2. Airgun Warehouse carries a variety of refillable CO2 tanks for air rifles, including carbon fiber Read More. Airgun Warehouse carries a variety of refillable CO2 tanks for air rifles, including carbon fiber air tanks with high capacities. However, every shooter has a different preference when it comes to the type of air tank they need. Carbon Fiber Air Tanks Carbon fiber air tanks can hold more than steel or aluminum.

Because the material is stronger, more CO2 can be compressed inside. Additionally, carbon fiber is lighter than steel. However, it is usually more expensive than steel or aluminum. Steel Air Tanks Steel air tanks for airguns are often the most economical choice, but they are becoming less common as aluminum tanks are replacing them. Steel tanks aren't the best choice if you're transporting your CO2, especially when you're on foot, but they still get the job done. Aluminum Air Tanks Aluminum air tanks are cost-effective, lightweight and convenient.

They cannot hold as much as carbon fiber tanks, but the price difference is significant. We have refillable containers that you can take when you're on the go and large containers that are meant to stay stationary. Each comes with built-in gauges and other necessities. We also carry CO2 adapters that fit a variety of airguns.

air rifle tank regulator

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Umarex Gauntlet Regulated Air Rifle

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